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Welcome to a world of madness in art and photography. Dive into a world of crazy colours, manic abstracts of illusion and a different view on the world around our everyday lives. But is my world of colour the same as yours. You can also give me a call on +447550481778 to find out more about what I do.


Colours of the cosmic order are an expression of individual observations that artists have celebrated for  the duration of life on earth. I have spent a lifetime trying to observe these fundamental observations of order that are just beyond  the perceptions of the human senses, but seem well within the senses of certain birds and animals. The depth of detail was gained from spending  5 years , 15 hours per day exploring the coastline of deepest Cornwall.UK Hearing the cosmic wave or sound in the rocks just before a wave reaches the rocks tells of the energy in the sea and air and from where and to where it is heading, sea birds seem to sense and observe this in real time equal to the hidden colours in the atmosphere. Each image taken is representative of the limits to the eyes perception, a fundamental detail within the observed frame of the senses to the detail in the final artwork, this relates to the hundreds of natural related values hidden within each image, then there are cloud formations, directions and altitude, together with bird sounds, animal sounds, the specific sound of the sea interacting with the coastline, the roar of energy from the sea as it exchanges particles with the air and the coastline, all of them relative to each other. All this knowledge of the artist then concludes with a colourful abstract of sequential codes of colours to our cosmos on planet earth all by way of digital images that seemingly recode the natural values of when the image was taken.  The expression of this world can come alive in a nostalgic rendition of the image on natural canvas materials, this allows a depth of perception different from that of a paper print and are all made in Cornwall by the artist. The canvas is then hand giclee coated, stretched in the traditional way on wooden canvas frames ready to hang in your home or choice of place. Some of the images with high metallic detail express themselves on metallic papersand acrylic artwork, while others honour the matt papers of artist reproductions, all of which are produced in house in Cornwall to order or from stock as available. Some images seem to replicate the finer depths of the cosmic order and can create a depth of magical sheens of colours when the ambient or natural light is varied, these are notable at twilight times of the day depending on where you show the art, this often-magical detail is a phenomenon I have always seen in hand painted art, but only recently found it possible to compose with specialist archival quality inks and associated transitional technologies.
So feel free to browse while I extent my portfolio and details to those who have interest

A colorful abstract view of our earth

A lifetime of research to observe the unseen cosmic order on earth has resulted in the culmination of the images expressed within this website. Colours of the cosmic order are an expression of individual observations that artists have celebrated for the duration of life on earth, for within this often unseen world can lie the codes of colour, texture, form and function, not to mention the rendition of particles that create these often grand illusions of life on earth. Hopefully others will find inspiration in the images because to me there is a unique story behind each one, a story that will unfold through images over the next couple of years


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